Tulle Overboard | Miami Swim Week 2017

Tulle Overload Miami SwimWeek - Befitting Style

If there’s one thing that Wendy Williams and I have in common, it would be the love for tulle. For Day two of Miami Swim Week, I had to bring out one of my style favorites, a tulle skirt (also known as a tutu). I love tulle because

Pumpkin & Burgundy | Duster & Skort

Although I dred the fact that burgundy and pumpkin are considered fall colors, I can’t deny that they look great together. I love it when colors contrast one another and that’s exactly what this burgundy duster and pumpkin attire (also known as orange) does.  Playing with different shades of orange, I pulled

How I Style | Green Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is a classic item that every woman should own. Its very easy to wear to a variety of occasions, therefore making it a great way to keep it safe when getting dressed. I chose this green wrap dress because it was the only way I could quickly throw something on and run out of the house at the moment as I headed out to

The Run Around | NYFW SS17 Day 6

Day 6 pretty much drained me. I usually have lots of energy but I had shows from morning till night from midtown to lower manhattan. The constant back and forth made me realize that I really needed to take a breather for a bit. I also realized that I tend to eat irregularly during Fashion Week and because I believe in doing things in the order that I have set for my body, I guess the lack of constant nutrition removed the energy that I regularly exude. I wore a…

How I Style | Orange Open Side Top & Khaki Shorts

Happy September! Although this is the month that is associated with fall, this 90 degree weather should remind us all that it is still very much summer. Some may look at this look and think its almost channelling fall due to the orange hue and the dark brown lips but I beg to differ. Its just another

How I Style | Pink Off The Shoulder Dress

Off the shoulder pieces are all the rage this summer but it’s a style that I have always loved. Its a great way to be sexy without showing too much skin. Although I’ve only worn the off the shoulder style a few times this summer, my favorite pieces include a

Embellished Frock |NYFWM Day 1

Happy Men’s Week! As womenswear is my first love, menswear comes second. As I headed out for Men’s Day, I threw on an embellished frock and headed over to Soho for Suit Supply which was my first stop of the day . My initial encounter of the collection was outside as the models rode bikes around the block. I captured the moment on snapchat (@queenoyinkan) and at that moment, I knew I have arrived at my destination. I’m a sucker for embellishments so when I initially encountered this dress in…

Shirt Dress + Oversized Button Down

As the weather gets warmer and the leaves get greener, we are provided with more flexibility on the variety of dresses to choose from. During the winter, people are less prone to wear a dress due to the very cold season. I decided to tread lightly with a simple shirt dress. Spring is just beginning so there will be plenty of time for

NYFWM Day 3 |Perry Ellis |Palmiers Du Mal

Oh what fun it was on Day 3! Although the weather wasn’t what was preferred, the rain didn’t stop the fun. We were all too engulfed in fashion to even allow the rain to interrupt any moment. My day began with

Sweater Weather | Purple Sweater Dress

What I love most about sweater weather is the idea that we have officially been given permission to switch things up a bit. Many have been expressing their excitement for the fall. It may be due to the fall representing the transitional period between summer and winter. During the fall, it is not too cold neither is it too hot. It’s warm enough to wear an open toe shoe, yet