Olive Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit | NYFW SS18 Day 7

The last day of NYFW is usually the hardest as most of my energy was spent going to shows and partying for the past week so at this point, I’m using up the last bit of my energy to go through this last day. Regardless of how tired I am, fashion fuels me up so I still ended up

The 3 Looks That’ll Ease You Into Vacation

Spring is coming to an end and Summer is just one day away. When I think of summer, I envision myself exploring different environments and having fun. Summer is the season most traveled as most people tend to get away during warmer months. Vacation is the time for easy breezy looks. You shouldn’t have to work as hard to get dressed as you would while at home. When I think of vacations, my mind immediately goes to being young wild and free! Wearing loose fitting clothes that hang right off the…

Keeping It Off The Shoulder

I’m so in love with off the shoulder pieces that I used to force my t-shirts to fit the aesthetic by cutting them up during my High School years. Even back then, if I could make most of my clothes off the shoulder, I would certainly do so. I tend to stray away from

Keep It Peachy | Spring Neutral Make Up

The beginning of spring ignited a love for peach within the fashion and beauty industry as it’s been all the rage lately. I love all bright colors and any other color that brings out my skin tone and peach just happens to be one of them. While getting dressed for this day, I decided to

How I Style | Pink Stripe Off The Shoulder Sweater

Every time I am able to create a post about a pink look, I get excited! I almost ended up monochroming with this one because sometimes I go a little overboard with pink because I seriously can’t get enough of it. I had a  few meetings to attend and I absolutely love

Flounce It | Off The Shoulder Black and White Jumpsuit

Continuing with my long time obsession of off the shoulder pieces, I had to wear yet another jumpsuit featuring this style. Theres just something about it that I can’t resist and I had to squeeze another one in before the summer is over. A part of the reason why I tend to have my pieces for a while before wearing them is because

Weekly Steals | 17 Bodysuits Under $50

Bodysuits are all the rage this summer and I have a feeling they’re here to stay. Whether you prefer a ruffled off the shoulder bodysuit, mesh, strappy or a plunging neckline, I love them all. As they may get a bit pricey at times, I rounded up some chic bodysuits that are all under $50.

4 Ways To Wear Off The Shoulder Dresses

I absolutely love the off the shoulder look! Its easy, fun and flattering for most body types. Since I’ve worn this style quite a few times this summer, its only right that I show you a few other ways to slay in an off the shoulder dress. The first look is one of my favorite prints. How can you resist floral?! I know I can’t! Because I mix prints most of the time, I was instantly drawn to this stripe and floral off the shoulder body con dress. Keeping it…

How I Style | Pink Off The Shoulder Dress

Off the shoulder pieces are all the rage this summer but it’s a style that I have always loved. Its a great way to be sexy without showing too much skin. Although I’ve only worn the off the shoulder style a few times this summer, my favorite pieces include a

How I Smile Through Adversaries | Off The Shoulder Top

With all the police brutality occurring in America and terror attacks occurring heavily outside of the country, its very easy to feel down and even lose hope in the world due to its adversaries. When I think about what going on, it upsets me even to the point that it started taking my joy away. I couldn’t have a full conversation about these tragedies without getting emotional about it so I refrained from speaking on the matter on social media. Every time I opened up snapchat to truly speak on…