Felt Minty For The Last Day | NYFW SS17

But of course I had to wear a mint look. Theres something about the color mint. I’m not sure what it is but I’m starting to realize that I wear it often (especially at least once during Fashion Week).  I usually gravitate towards bright colors and pastels so maybe thats the reason, nonetheless on the last day of NYFW, I saw

Laquan Smith SS17 | NYFW

We all know about the lack of diversity within the fashion industry. What I love about Laquan Smith is that not only did he utilize a lot of black models for his SS17 presentation, but he also utilized models of different sizes instead of sticking to the staple size 2 and 4 that the other designers gravitate towards. Because of that alone, he stood out to me. It shows that he’s

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe SS17 | NYFW

Because the inspiration for this collection is the Upper East Side, I knew I would automatically love the pieces! One of my favorite parts of NYC is the Upper East Side. I love its elegance and the flair of the environment.  Aveda provided big teased and wavy hair to go with the sassy attitude of the dresses. The collection provided dresses for the working woman as well as the woman having a night on the town. The shoulder detailing and the play with tulle are just a couple of my…

A Minimalistic Twist | Miguel Vieira SS17 | NYFW

Introducing a collection that is minimal, yet detailed, Miguel Vieira was inspired by Africa. Even though he is a world renowned designer, the Portugal based designer decided to debut his SS17 collection in NY for the first time

Andy Hilfiger Presents Artistix SS17 | NYFW

On September 12, Andy Hilfiger presented Artistix by Greg Polisseni. Being an artist from a very young age, Greg Polisseni’s paintings have been featured in many media outlets as well as galleries. The work of the hand is very important to him so he created Artistix to show

Katty Xiomara SS17 | NYFW

Katty Xiomara aimed to please and succeeded at it. The Portugal based designer has accomplished much more than designing as her skills have been used in other forms of art such as theater, dance and music. The Katty Xiomara SS17 collection featured

The Run Around | NYFW SS17 Day 6

Day 6 pretty much drained me. I usually have lots of energy but I had shows from morning till night from midtown to lower manhattan. The constant back and forth made me realize that I really needed to take a breather for a bit. I also realized that I tend to eat irregularly during Fashion Week and because I believe in doing things in the order that I have set for my body, I guess the lack of constant nutrition removed the energy that I regularly exude. I wore a…

Hijabs on The Runway | Anniesa Hasibuan SS17 | NYFW

I never thought I would see the day where a whole collection is filled with looks where women are completely covered up. Anniesa Hasibuan bought hijabs to the runway in a chic way and made everyone want to wear hijabs. She effortlessly infused

Wrap Skirt & Bodysuit | NYFW SS17 Day 4

I opted for a wrap skirt yesterday because I’ve had this skirt for a few months and I finally felt like it was the right time to throw it on.  I paired the skirt with a yellow bodysuit that I couldn’t wait to wear especially because I don’t wear bodysuits often. Yellow and orange are always a great mix as they compliment each other very well. On Day 4, I viewed the

Structural Aesthetics at Agnes Kovacs SS17 | NYFW

Originating in Hungary and highly recognized internationally, Agnes Kovacs brought her talents to America and didn’t fail to please. Her structural bags exudes moderation, providing an “aesthetic that is timeless yet