How I Style | Pink Blazer + Floral Pants

Bringing some light to these cooler days is imperative. I believe the way you dress reflects on how you feel. For instance, if you feel sad, throwing on sweats doesn’t help you feel better, neither does sticking to blacks and browns just because the weather is cooler. Keeping things bright, I can’t stay away from

Choosing Happiness | Yellow Faux Leather Jacket

Although I’m a fall baby, fall is not one of my favorite seasons. I’ve always preferred warmer months over cooler months. I don’t wear coats often and I’m that girl that doesn’t wear much clothes in the winter because I don’t get cold easily (utilizing blazers as jackets and occasional layering). Spring and summer makes me happy. The style, the bright flowers it exudes and the longer amount of daylight we receive keeps me a happy camper. Because I always choose happiness, I refuse to


I change my mind… a lot. I love bright colors but every now and then I don’t mind throwing on  some dark or neutral pieces. This grunge look probably resonates most with those who prefer wearing clothes that they can just throw on or individuals who love the comfortability that hoodies provide. This may not be as chill as a hoodie but it provides a similar comfort which is usually the main reason people wear hoodies. Because I’m such a lippie (lipstick lover), I sometimes style my looks around the…