How To Brighten Up Your Neutrals For Winter

Being in the middle of winter tends to inspire many to stick to neutrals by wearing lots of grey, black, tan and so forth but because I’m a firm believer in wearing colors throughout the year as I love how it uplifts the mood, I want to share with you two simple ways you can wear neutrals and keep it bright during the winter

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Who said you can’t wear color during fall?! Nothing feels better than throwing on clothes that are as bright as you feel. It was a beautiful fall day that was perfect for

Navy Bustier + Yellow Ruffle Shorts | Miami Swim Week 2017

Navy Bustier + Yellow Ruffle Shorts | Miami Swim Week 2017 - Befitting Style

The final day of Miami Swim Week was jam packed with shows back to back. What I loved about Swim Week is that free workout classes were provided by Swim Miami. I spent Saturday twirling around in a tulle skirt and was certain that I was going to

Color Block With Pinks & Reds

Regardless of the snow storm that decided to hit the east coast, it’s still very important to prep for spring. Because this weather is bipolar, I’m sure it will feel like spring all over again by next week. We officially have 7 more days till spring so grab your pinks and reds (as well as all other bright colors) and color block your way through my favorite season.

How I Smile Through Adversaries | Off The Shoulder Top

With all the police brutality occurring in America and terror attacks occurring heavily outside of the country, its very easy to feel down and even lose hope in the world due to its adversaries. When I think about what going on, it upsets me even to the point that it started taking my joy away. I couldn’t have a full conversation about these tragedies without getting emotional about it so I refrained from speaking on the matter on social media. Every time I opened up snapchat to truly speak on…

Off The Shoulder Yellow Summer Dress

I absolutely LOVE bright colors! To fuel my love for bright colors and summer dresses, I whipped out a yellow summer dress. I always prefer wearing a dress or a jumpsuit because its easier than wearing multiple pieces of clothing. When you wear pants, skirts or shorts, the next step is figuring out which top compliments the bottom. With a one piece (dress/jumpsuit), there’s no extra thinking: just accessorize and go, that’s the the beauty of a summer dress. And by checking out a site like, you might be…