How To Wear Velvet Boots This Holiday Season

I appreciate the last few months of the year because of the holidays that we get to celebrate. First and foremost, my personal holiday (birthday) takes place in October, then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas and the celebration of bringing in the new year. Although I prefer the spring/summer weather, nothing beats the celebratory spirit that overcomes me during this time of the year. With the craze of velvet this fall,

5 Tips On Shopping Black Friday Effectively

As thrilling as it is to be able to obtain your favorite items, Black Friday shopping can be stressful. Despite the stress, many partake in this annual mega sale because of the amount of money they get to save. Sales sometimes go as high as 70%-80% off so I can understand why many would do whatever it takes to save a coin. Just because you want to save a coin doesn’t mean you have to go through the hassle. Following these 5 tips that will ensure that you snag all…

4 Ways To Dress To Your Thanksgiving Dinner Party

There is nothing like a Holiday party because you get the chance to be surrounded by a greater amount of loved ones than you see on your daily basis. Although a  thanksgiving dinner party is centralized around eating and giving thanks, looking good at that dinner party is absolutely important.You’re bound to seeing loved ones that you haven’t seen in a while so you might as well spice things up a bit. If you know that it’s only going to be a small group of you sat round a dining…

What To Wear When Celebrating Friendsgiving

It wasn’t until last thanksgiving that I learned the term Friendsgiving. I don’t really partake in a friendsgiving as I keep my thanksgiving festivities to dinner with my family, yet I’m not opposed to it. Friendsgiving is great for

20 Dresses To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner Under $70 | Weekly Steals

Tis the season to overeat and be greedy. The beauty of Thanksgiving is that it’s a friendly reminder to be thankful. Another perk of the holiday is the delicious dishes you get to dive into unapologetically. The only thing about eating so much is that you may develop an instant gut (better known as a food baby) from indulging in such meals. With the understanding that there are some people whose stomach never tells how much they’ve eaten,  I’ve put together 20 dresses for your Thanksgiving dinner. 10 of them…