Last Minute Looks For New Year Celebration

In just a few days, we’ll be yelling Happy New Year! If you’re last minute like me and are still a bit stump on what to wear, I curated a few looks to inspire you a bit so you can slay into the new year! Ruffle some feathers as you step into the new year with a peachy feathered dress and keep it fun with glitter platform heels. Platform heels tend to provide more comfort so this should help you dance the night away in style. If you’re “extra” like…

The Best Holiday Party! | Sequins & Fur

I recently attended a holiday party that was fun beyond what I imagined. With no expectations as it was a new environment for me, I ended up having

6 Stunning Outfits To Wear This Holiday

I’ve attended quite a few holiday parties and it’s only the beginning. All I know is no matter what you do, you have to look good doing it. As a lover of sequins and all things that sparkle, I love that the holidays enables people to

Time For A Masquerade | Red Evening Gown

I recently had the opportunity to attend a masquerade. Unsure of what to wear, I slipped into a red evening gown. Although I prefer wearing

Glisten Into The New Year | Sequins Dress

So it was New Year’s Eve and I had to figure out what to wear to the night’s festivities.  Because I’m a sequins lover, I had to throw on a sequin dress. Celebrating the new year is the only night that I get to walk into a soiree and expect many others to glisten in their sequins. I absolutely love it! I love that people become more bold and are able to feel comfortable to reach for the dress that

Affordable Sequin Pieces For Your New Year Celebration | Weekly Steals

What I love about this time of the year are all the wonderful sequin items that are available for those who want to shine into the new year. Although sequins tend to cost more than pieces without embellishments, don’t let the higher price keep you from buying what you really want to wear for your new year celebration. I’ve included a variety of lush affordable sequin pieces for your choosing, from pants and tops to skirts and bags, all under $100.

7 Holiday Party Looks To Wear This Season

Holiday Parties are in full effect! With Christmas just around the corner and New Years just a few weeks away, it is impossible to stay away from the holiday parties. Whether it’s hosted by your job, family, friends or maybe you just happen to end up at an extravagant soiree to celebrate the holidays, here are 7 holiday party looks to celebrate the occasion.

100 Accessories That Compliment Any Look Under $25

The holidays is the time to really get dressed and if your’e like me, that means you layer on quite a bit of accessories.  I really enjoy getting dressed and I find that the holidays is a great excuse to get dolled up. Accessories can bring a dull look to life as well as compliment a look that is already vivacious, causing them to be great for all looks. If you plan on overindulging in accessories for your holiday looks or just want to buy it for a friend, these accessories…

An Accesorized Gift Guide For The Fashion Girl In your Life

When buying a present for a fashion girl, two things cross our mind: Will it fit? Will she like it? Fashion girls tend to be picky as they are very particular about the items that attract them. When we think of style and fashion, at many points we think of clothes because that’s usually the main piece of an outfit. When gift shopping, I find that it’s harder to buy clothes for people because of the uncertainty of how it would fit them. If you know your loved ones’ taste…

The Sequin Velvet Bomber Jacket That’s Perfect For The Holidays | Befitting Picks

If you’re a bomber type of girl and worry that holiday parties may require you to be too dressed up in clothes that are not really your style (as you probably wouldn’t have chosen that formal dress any other time of the year), textured bombers are a great way to dress casual, yet still be chic. One of my favorite textures is sequins because of the way it shines and I also love fabrics that feel smooth to the touch, therefore I’ve been a long time lover of velvet as well.…