Casual Friday | Button Down + Tee

I took a little break from blogging and it felt a little weird, yet part of me felt like I needed it. Now that things are back in order, I’m happy to be back here talking about what I love most: style. Even though I haven’t been blogging this week, I still shot a look ( just couldn’t get myself to post it) a few days ago in hopes of sharing it with you soon. When I think of Fridays, casual comes to mind so it’s only right that I…

How To Color Block During Winter | Dare To Mix

Some dare to mix while others play it safe by keeping things monochromatic or neutral. Although I’m a lover of mixing things up, I don’t think I’ve mixed maroon and blue quite often, yet this combination can easily be a staple for many to wear throughout the cooler months. Maroon is such a beautiful color so I’m sure it’s hard to resist (especially during the fall) and pairing it with

How I Style | Pink Blazer + Floral Pants

Bringing some light to these cooler days is imperative. I believe the way you dress reflects on how you feel. For instance, if you feel sad, throwing on sweats doesn’t help you feel better, neither does sticking to blacks and browns just because the weather is cooler. Keeping things bright, I can’t stay away from

How To Wear A Sheer Dress To Work | Summer Layers

 I love wearing layers all year round. Although most people only wear layers during the cold seasons, I like to keep it going. For those who work an office job and feel like they’re running out of appropriate pieces to wear, layering sheer pieces is a great way broaden your options. Summer layers are just as fun as Fall/Winter layers since I use it as an opportunity to play with different textures. As you may know by now, pink holds the key to my heart and yellow has always been…

It’s Been Hot | Blue and White

It’s been hot and just as we thought the summer would creep up on us slowly, it came full force and I love it.  I’ve been gravitating towards my blue pieces lately so I once again, ended up wearing a blue and white look (I don’t plan this. It just happens). With the temperature increasing, the clothes decrease. I usually don’t

Spring Layers | High- Low Sweater

Although it is spring, a sweater is a must-have as the weather tends to fluctuate quite inconsistently. With the temperature being on the cooler side lately, it is imperative to incorporate layers into your style. Some may only incorporate layers during the winter but it is very possible to wear a layer or two and still exude

Spring Layers | Taupe & Black

We are a bit into spring at this point and with the weather constantly fluctuating between spring-like temperatures and degrees that may lead some to wear a jacket, one may not be able to stick to the usual spring style. You may be blessed with a beautiful 80 degree sunny day, yet the next day experience a 40 degree gloomy day. When dealing with weather that lacks commitment, a long sleeve button down shirt is a must. It keeps you warm enough through the cooler days yet cool enough through the warmer…

Spring Into Florals

Its finally spring and I couldn’t be any more excited!!!!! Time for blossoming flowers, bluer skies and greener grass. How can one not be happy for this season! Spring also means more floral pieces (as if I ever stopped wearing floral). 

Spring Into Neutrals

Now you know I  couldn’t wait to wear a pair of sandals! I’m actually shocked that this weather is still warm, but I’m milking it while I can. Sandals gets me excited for the summer as well as the warmer spring days ahead. These are the first

2 Ways To Wear A Leather Biker Jacket This Spring

2 ways to wear a leather jacket this spring- with a skirt and with pants

Spring is near and I can feel it in the air! The leather biker jacket is a huge staple for these transitioning times. It protects you from the cool air that lingers while coming out of winter but doesn’t make you too hot as the temperature rises. If you are actually planning on wearing this when biking, I cannot stress how important it is that you are wearing a Shark S900 or similar helmet to stay safe on the roads! Leather jackets like this one are perfect for the Spring…