The Fringe Skirt That’s Great For A Night Out | Befitting Picks

If this isn’t your first time visiting Befitting Style, you may already know that I love fringe and tassel pieces simply because of the way it moves in the wind. My love for these types of items is simply because I love dramatic clothing. Fringe skirts tend to only feature fringe as the focal point of the skirt. What I love about this one is that it sets apart from the rest by featuring tassels at the end of each fringe. A skirt like this will not be found everywhere and that…

Pumpkin & Burgundy | Duster & Skort

Although I dred the fact that burgundy and pumpkin are considered fall colors, I can’t deny that they look great together. I love it when colors contrast one another and that’s exactly what this burgundy duster and pumpkin attire (also known as orange) does.  Playing with different shades of orange, I pulled

85 Fringe Pieces To Wear Before Fall is Over | Weekly Steals

If you don’t know that fringe is all the rage lately, allow me to bring you up to speed. This summer, fall (every season) and soon to be winter and spring trend is adding pizazz to every look. Because I easily go for the dramatics, I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are printed, embellished and/or embroidered, but a good fringe piece always

4 Ways To Wear Fringe Belts To Work | Befitting Week

Fringe is often chosen for fun looks worn when hanging out. I believe fringe should also be worn to work. With fall fringes being all the rage this season, there are many different types of fringe accessories. Fringe necklaces and earrings tend to be worn quite often but what about the fringe belt? A fringe belt adds a

Fall Fringes To Wear This Weekend

Fringes were all the rage throughout the summer and they’re not going anywhere this fall. According to the Spring/Summer shows that I viewed during NYFW, they’ll be here to stay at least until next summer. I love fringes because I love dramatic attire. Pieces that move while I move, always brings the extra umph that’s needed. When getting dressed for the weekend, a little more

Asymmetrical Fringe | NYFW SS17 Day 5

Day 5 wasn’t as hectic as some of the other days. The first show that I attended was during the late afternoon, therefore I was able to have the morning to myself to accomplish other things. Once I arrived at Skylight Moynihan, I viewed Artistix, Katy Xiomara and Anniesa Hasibuan. By Day 5, I tapped a little deeper into my Queendom and wore the colors of royalty: purple and gold. With this asymmetrical fringed  suede skirt, I loved how the fringe moved at every step. It felt perfect for the…

Lace Galore at Tadashi Shoji SS17 | NYFW

Tadashi Shoji seamlessly will make you fall in love with lace! Its the variety of the lace pieces that he provides in this collection that is extremely pleasing to the eyes, making one believe that even if they never liked lace before, they just might give it a chance after viewing his collection.

How I Style | A- Line Skirt

Summer is on the way and theres nothing like a short black and blue A-line skirt to commemorate the season. I don’t wear dark colors often so when I do, you know it has to be worn right.  Although I’m not that fond of the color blue, I tend to wear  quite a bit of blue due to the way it compliments my dark skin tone. I believe that despite one’s personal favorite colors, being open minded to the colors that compliments the skin tone can not only help you understand…