5 Ways To Slay For Easter Sunday

Easter is right around the corner! Whether you go to church every Sunday or you’re like many others who make it their annual ritual to get to church only on easter, you have to look good while doing it. Churches are usually super packed on Easter Sunday so I’m sure you don’t want to

Color Block Into Spring With These 4 Looks

Color Block into Spring -Yellow Jumpsuit - Befitting Style

We’ve already passed the midpoint of March and that means spring is coming in just a few days (3 to be exact but who’s counting anyway?!). Whether you’re one who needs the flowers to blossom and the sun to shine in order to wear bright contrasting colors, or you color block throughout the year like me, these looks will be sure to help you color block into spring easier.

3 Looks to Keep You Chic In Spring

Looks That Keep You Chic In Spring - Befitting Style

We have ten more days till spring so prepare for spring overload! This is my most favorite season and I don’t even think words can explain how excited I am for spring to begin. Last week, we spoke about looks that transition you into spring, so it’s only right that I dive deeper today by introducing you to looks that will certainly keep you chic for spring.

3 Looks That Transition Into Spring

What better way to begin March than to discuss transitioning into Spring?! Some days, it’s surprisingly warm for winter while other days offer a semi-spring and winter feel. For many, it’s hard to get dressed as such a task is just as confusing as the weather. If you’re looking for ways to transition into spring, look no further as I provide 3 looks that will make this transition much smoother.

3 Looks That’ll Wow Your Boo On Valentine’s Day

In this day and age, everyday commemorates one thing or another. When one thinks of the month of February, either Black History Month comes to mind or the day that is solely dedicated to showing appreciation for your significant other: Valentine’s Day. We are a few days into February, meaning we are swiftly approaching the middle of the month. At this time, many may have already created set plans for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are love struck and anticipate the day of love or you may simply view it as…

7 Holiday Party Looks To Wear This Season

Holiday Parties are in full effect! With Christmas just around the corner and New Years just a few weeks away, it is impossible to stay away from the holiday parties. Whether it’s hosted by your job, family, friends or maybe you just happen to end up at an extravagant soiree to celebrate the holidays, here are 7 holiday party looks to celebrate the occasion.

How To Wear Velvet Boots This Holiday Season

I appreciate the last few months of the year because of the holidays that we get to celebrate. First and foremost, my personal holiday (birthday) takes place in October, then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas and the celebration of bringing in the new year. Although I prefer the spring/summer weather, nothing beats the celebratory spirit that overcomes me during this time of the year. With the craze of velvet this fall,

4 Ways To Dress To Your Thanksgiving Dinner Party

There is nothing like a Holiday party because you get the chance to be surrounded by a greater amount of loved ones than you see on your daily basis. Although a  thanksgiving dinner party is centralized around eating and giving thanks, looking good at that dinner party is absolutely important.You’re bound to seeing loved ones that you haven’t seen in a while so you might as well spice things up a bit. If you know that it’s only going to be a small group of you sat round a dining…

What To Wear When Celebrating Friendsgiving

It wasn’t until last thanksgiving that I learned the term Friendsgiving. I don’t really partake in a friendsgiving as I keep my thanksgiving festivities to dinner with my family, yet I’m not opposed to it. Friendsgiving is great for

Fall Fringes To Wear This Weekend

Fringes were all the rage throughout the summer and they’re not going anywhere this fall. According to the Spring/Summer shows that I viewed during NYFW, they’ll be here to stay at least until next summer. I love fringes because I love dramatic attire. Pieces that move while I move, always brings the extra umph that’s needed. When getting dressed for the weekend, a little more