White Wrap Dresses Under $50 | Befitting Steals

Brunch is a hobby and what other way can I partake in what I love besides throwing on one of my favorite things to wear?! I love wrap dresses! They’re so much fun and super easy for any woman to wear. Whether you’re a size 6 or 26, it’s extremely

Pumpkin & Burgundy | Duster & Skort

Although I dred the fact that burgundy and pumpkin are considered fall colors, I can’t deny that they look great together. I love it when colors contrast one another and that’s exactly what this burgundy duster and pumpkin attire (also known as orange) does.  Playing with different shades of orange, I pulled

When Fall Feels Like Spring | Comfy Bright Green Pants

I’m in my element wearing the colors I love. Doesn’t hurt that the weather has been cooperative providing us with 80 degree weather during mid october. As scary as the unusual warmth might be (global warming), I hope the weather remains feeling this lovely at least until my birthday! Lets be honest. Whether the weather is in the 60s or 80s,  I would still wear these bright green pants. You know I

Fall Off The Shoulder Blue And White Stripes

We’re two weeks into fall and the weather changed drastically. I’m used to summer easing its way out as fall creeps in, but this time, fall refused to wait as it was ready to play. Going from 90 degrees on one day to 60 degrees the following day can surely take a toll on the body and greatly influence the change of style. Fall influenced me to wear

Asymmetrical Fringe | NYFW SS17 Day 5

Day 5 wasn’t as hectic as some of the other days. The first show that I attended was during the late afternoon, therefore I was able to have the morning to myself to accomplish other things. Once I arrived at Skylight Moynihan, I viewed Artistix, Katy Xiomara and Anniesa Hasibuan. By Day 5, I tapped a little deeper into my Queendom and wore the colors of royalty: purple and gold. With this asymmetrical fringed  suede skirt, I loved how the fringe moved at every step. It felt perfect for the…

Self Made Button Down Ankara Dress | NYFW Day 1

Happy Fashion Week! Every season, I try to organize my looks prior to the week as Fashion Week tends to get hectic. I didn’t get a chance to do that this week. Unsure of what to wear, I ended up making an ankara dress the night before Day 1. I figured I’ll worry about the rest of the looks later on. This was a much easier dress to make as its way less complicated than the wrap dress that I recently made. I love to create because there is freedom…

Flounce It | Off The Shoulder Black and White Jumpsuit

Continuing with my long time obsession of off the shoulder pieces, I had to wear yet another jumpsuit featuring this style. Theres just something about it that I can’t resist and I had to squeeze another one in before the summer is over. A part of the reason why I tend to have my pieces for a while before wearing them is because

How I Style | Simple Red T-Shirt Dress

It is absolutely impossible for me to go through the summer without wearing yet another T-Shirt dress. What I love most about a T-Shirt dress is the comfortability. T-Shirts are easy and wearing it in a dress form is even easier (no need to pair with bottoms). Despite its functionality, they can also get a bit boring, hence why I purchased

How I Smile Through Adversaries | Off The Shoulder Top

With all the police brutality occurring in America and terror attacks occurring heavily outside of the country, its very easy to feel down and even lose hope in the world due to its adversaries. When I think about what going on, it upsets me even to the point that it started taking my joy away. I couldn’t have a full conversation about these tragedies without getting emotional about it so I refrained from speaking on the matter on social media. Every time I opened up snapchat to truly speak on…

Bridal Shower | Red Floral Dress

I love a Bridal Shower mostly because it’s the prelude to a wedding (in America). I decided to wear a red floral dress simply because it was the first dress I laid my eyes on the morning of the bridal shower. The shower took place on Saturday and it was already a hectic weekend thus far so I didn’t feel like actually looking for something to wear (which is how I feel half of the time I get dressed). Like I always say, it’s always easier to wear a dress.…