Casual | Bright Colors (As Usual)

By now, you may know that I don’t follow the rules in fashion but one rule that I do agree with is wearing bright colors in the summer (I just disagree with neglecting bright colors in the winter). Bright colors literally brighten up my day. Even though I can switch up with the neutrals, it’s usually easier for me to wear a bright pieces and pair it with even brighter pieces. Much thanks to my mom who raised me to wear bright colors ( I’ve been hooked since childhood, thanks…

Spring Came Early | Stepford Chic

Spring came early and I love it!!! I love the warm air and the slight chilly breeze. With Spring being my favorite season,  I am able to wear all the pieces that I love most. Spring attire is the best attire (most probably disagree). The spring style is bright and chic. Its the season that I relate to the most therefore I am so grateful that spring came early this year and I hope this warmth lingers until summer begins without reverting back to winter. I’ve been wearing

Never Wait To Layer

Because I am a lover of layers, I wear layers all year round. As I have previously posted about layering in the summer, in lieu of the fall, its only right that

I Do Not Believe In Fall Colors

I refuse to limit myself to dull colors due to the change of seasons. I am a color loving individual and I wear bright colors throughout the year. The season does not dictate which color I should wear, yet I know it does for most people. Though I may not believe in fall colors,

Charlotte Tilbury Launch at Bergdorf Goodman

Wedding Guest | Jericho Terrace