Pumpkin & Burgundy | Duster & Skort

Although I dred the fact that burgundy and pumpkin are considered fall colors, I can’t deny that they look great together. I love it when colors contrast one another and that’s exactly what this burgundy duster and pumpkin attire (also known as orange) does.  Playing with different shades of orange, I pulled

How To Wear A Duster This Weekend

I’m all about the dramatics so dusters are right up my alley. I love the way it moves with the wind and because its not too cold yet, theres no need to bring out the super thick dusters quite yet (we’ll save the wool for the winter). Satin and thin cottons work just fine. Pairing a plain look with a duster tends to add a bit of umph and pairing a duster with a fully glam look perfectly compliments it. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Befitting Picks | The Velvet Boot You Can Wear Anywhere

Unwearable in the rain but great for sunny days, this velvet piece is one that I need! I typically don’t go for shoes with such a low heel, but when I do, just know that its worth it! I guess I’m weird because I would actually pair this with

Sweater Weather | Stripes and Shorts

Fall means its officially sweater weather. Time to slip on chic bits that will keep you warm while looking good. While for some its not ideal to wear shorts as the temperatures dwindle, I think you’ll do just fine in this 60 degree weather. While heading out this weekend, be sure to bring