Typical Fall Look | Forest Green and Tans

Do you ever like to blend with your environment or even somehow mistakenly end up doing so? As I stood in front of this fence of leaves wearing forest green pants, with printed tan leaves, I realized that I was pretty much blending in with my environment. My love for monochrome leads me to appreciate these cheesy moments.

Weekly Steals | 19 Neutral Peep Toe Booties Under $100

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are all enjoying your day. Many consider Labor Day to represent the end of summer but I believe in enjoying every season through the end. With a couple weeks till fall, I’m excited for the new styles that are to come with the upcoming season. Once fall begins, we will commence to our boots and booties. As the beginning of fall is usually relatively warm, peep toe booties are a perfect way to start. Many tend to opt for