Fall Birthday Essentials Under $90 | Weekly Steals

To have a fun stress-free birthday, it is important to plan accordingly especially when celebrating on a budget. Budgets can sometimes prohibit you from making last-minute purchases as that kind of spending tends to leave a deeper hole in your pocket because there would be less time to simmer down and find something fabulous enough for your birthday that is within your budget. I love when people don’t allow their low funds to keep them from having fun and celebrating their birthday. I’ve compiled quite a bunch of items that are needed…

4 Ways To Dress For Your Fall Birthday

Birthdays are extra special and  you deserve to dress like the Queen that you are on your birthday. Sometimes it can be stressful to think of what to wear. You don’t want to look like its just any other day so it’s imperative that you amp it up a bit by opting for a look that you may not normally wear. Because my birthday is tomorrow, it’s only right that I share a few ideas of what you can wear for your birthday if you’re a fall baby like me.