Closing out NYFW | Ankara Overlay + Stripe Jumpsuit

I closed out New York Fashion Week in one of my favorite things to wear: a jumpsuit! I was really bored with the stripe jumpsuit so a few hours before heading out for final viewings, I ran to the fabric shop to buy some Ankara in hopes that I can find a print that features a colorway which wouldn’t clash with the olive green and peachy stripe jumpsuit. I checked out

Self Made Button Down Ankara Dress | NYFW Day 1

Happy Fashion Week! Every season, I try to organize my looks prior to the week as Fashion Week tends to get hectic. I didn’t get a chance to do that this week. Unsure of what to wear, I ended up making an ankara dress the night before Day 1. I figured I’ll worry about the rest of the looks later on. This was a much easier dress to make as its way less complicated than the wrap dress that I recently made. I love to create because there is freedom…

Wedding Guest | Self Made Ankara Dress

When planning what to wear to this wedding, I originally wanted to wear an evening gown so I bought quite a few gowns to choose from. For some reason, its always hard for me to get dressed for an American wedding. I always feel like I’m supposed to tone myself down as some get offended by those that may be considered overdressed (so I was told). I usually get dressed carelessly without any care in the world for what others may think of me, but as a wedding guest, I…

Ankara Print Skirt | NYFWM Day 3

Because wearing prints is my habitat, wearing an ankara print is comfortable for me. Ankara is worn constantly by Nigerians and I’m constantly buying fabric because I never know when I may randomly want to create something.Whenever I come up with an idea, I want it when I want it. It may sound a little spoiled but thats how I am and I believe in taking the necessary steps in order to bring it to fulfillment. Because I didn’t care to wait for someone to make the the skirt for…

NYFW | Day 4

We are officially half way through NYFW. I was able to view 2 shows and checked out the Essence Street Style Block Party. I wore