How To Color Block During Winter | Dare To Mix

Some dare to mix while others play it safe by keeping things monochromatic or neutral. Although I’m a lover of mixing things up, I don’t think I’ve mixed maroon and blue quite often, yet this combination can easily be a staple for many to wear throughout the cooler months. Maroon is such a beautiful color so I’m sure it’s hard to resist (especially during the fall) and pairing it with

Striped T-Shirt Dresses 3 Ways

Some days you just want to throw something on thats easy and chic. T-shirt dresses are perfect for those days. With stripes being one of my favorite prints, I put together a few striped t-shirt dress looks so you can slay on lazy days.

4 Ways To Wear Off The Shoulder Dresses

I absolutely love the off the shoulder look! Its easy, fun and flattering for most body types. Since I’ve worn this style quite a few times this summer, its only right that I show you a few other ways to slay in an off the shoulder dress. The first look is one of my favorite prints. How can you resist floral?! I know I can’t! Because I mix prints most of the time, I was instantly drawn to this stripe and floral off the shoulder body con dress. Keeping it…

8 Ways To Slay As A Wedding Guest This Summer

It’s wedding season! As you get excited for loved ones to tie the knot, the next thought is figuring out what to wear to the wedding. I was raised in a culture where weddings are extremely important and slaying as a wedding guest is imperative. Sometimes it gets a bit difficult figuring out what to wear. As we are well into wedding season, I have created a small guide for those who may need a bit more style ideas for the occasion. If the bride gets to visit the best…

Fab Friday | Pastels For The Weekend

Welcome to Fab Friday! Every Friday I’ll be posting a series of looks that you can wear over the weekend. I’ll be highlighting pastels this weekend because its a sleek way to be chic and is also a perfect tone for the summer.

How To Wear A Sheer Dress To Work | Summer Layers

 I love wearing layers all year round. Although most people only wear layers during the cold seasons, I like to keep it going. For those who work an office job and feel like they’re running out of appropriate pieces to wear, layering sheer pieces is a great way broaden your options. Summer layers are just as fun as Fall/Winter layers since I use it as an opportunity to play with different textures. As you may know by now, pink holds the key to my heart and yellow has always been…

Happy Easter! |3 Ways To Wear A Trench Jacket

For some, easter marks the day Jesus rose again, for others easter is just the confirmation needed to welcome the spring season. Because Jesus rose again during the spring, today personally marks both occasions for me. As  winter came to term, I wondered if the unusual warm weather would result in spring being cooler than expected. Today’s weather proves that my prediction was correct. It’s not cold but it’s not exactly the typical warm spring day so I paired a trench with my striped shirt dress. There are 3 common ways…

2 Ways To Wear A Leather Biker Jacket This Spring

2 ways to wear a leather jacket this spring- with a skirt and with pants

Spring is near and I can feel it in the air! The leather biker jacket is a huge staple for these transitioning times. It protects you from the cool air that lingers while coming out of winter but doesn’t make you too hot as the temperature rises. If you are actually planning on wearing this when biking, I cannot stress how important it is that you are wearing a Shark S900 or similar helmet to stay safe on the roads! Leather jackets like this one are perfect for the Spring…

How I Wear Layers In The Summer

Summertime calls for skin, skin, and more skin! So you may wonder how on earth can I possibly wear layers in this heat? As everyone is showing different ways to show skin, here I am presenting you with a post about layers in the summer. You probably think I’m crazy but bare with me. There is a definite way to wear layers in the summer without feeling hotter than usual.

How I Style | Casual Jumpsuit

In this blazing heat, sleeveless jumpsuits are a must! I love wearing jumpsuits because they are so easy to put on. Once you have a jumpsuit on, all that’s needed are the right accessories, making it the right piece of clothing for the woman on the go. Tops require you to