4 Ways To Wear Fringe Belts To Work | Befitting Week

Fringe is often chosen for fun looks worn when hanging out. I believe fringe should also be worn to work. With fall fringes being all the rage this season, there are many different types of fringe accessories. Fringe necklaces and earrings tend to be worn quite often but what about the fringe belt? A fringe belt adds a

4 Perfect Power Looks | Befitting Week

In order to be taken seriously in some places of employment, you have to dress the part. The reality is sometimes a person is great at what they do but the way they dress keeps them from getting that well deserved raise. It sucks but its true. When two employees are equally great, yet one dresses the part and the other one is more-so lack luster with their attire, who do you think is going to be celebrating that new increase in their salary? Wearing a power look will

How To Dress To Work This Week

Happy sunday! On fridays we get excited that the weekend is here, then by sunday the excitement disappears because monday means its time to go back to work.  Getting dressed can be quite bothersome during the week and as the thought of going back to work is tiring enough, here’s a little style-piration in case you were wondering how to dress to work this week.