75 Under-$50 Spring Essentials | Weekly Steals

Spring Essentials on a Budget

What better way to begin March than to discuss some Spring essentials! Spring is oh so near and I’m excited for the leaves to grow back as the florals not only bloom on your bright printed clothes but also blossom on the stems across town. If you need a little help completing your Spring essentials checklist and your’e on a budget, you’ve come to the right place.

Affordable Sequin Pieces For Your New Year Celebration | Weekly Steals

What I love about this time of the year are all the wonderful sequin items that are available for those who want to shine into the new year. Although sequins tend to cost more than pieces without embellishments, don’t let the higher price keep you from buying what you really want to wear for your new year celebration. I’ve included a variety of lush affordable sequin pieces for your choosing, from pants and tops to skirts and bags, all under $100.

100 Accessories That Compliment Any Look Under $25

The holidays is the time to really get dressed and if your’e like me, that means you layer on quite a bit of accessories.  I really enjoy getting dressed and I find that the holidays is a great excuse to get dolled up. Accessories can bring a dull look to life as well as compliment a look that is already vivacious, causing them to be great for all looks. If you plan on overindulging in accessories for your holiday looks or just want to buy it for a friend, these accessories…

Affordable Velvet Boots To Wear As It Gets Cooler | Weekly Steals

What I love about velvet is the way it feels. I find that if you are a lover of suede, then you’re more prone to like velvet as well because of the similar texture. Every woman deserves to have a shoe that feels so plush to the touch that she almost can’t keep her hands from it. Whether you’re an old time velvet lover or one who recently started obsessing over the trend, you’ve come to the right place for affordable velvet boots to wear as the weather gets cooler.…

30 Winter Dresses Under $90 | Weekly Steals

It may still be fall but the weather is drastically beginning to lean towards winter. Whenever the weather drastically changes, its my duty to bring you something new that can refresh your mind (and your closet). If you don’t have much to wear this winter and you’re tired of your clothes from last winter, consider these winter dresses. I find that getting dressed during the winter is not as much fun as getting dressed during the warmer months because of the limited options that the cold weather allows.  I love dresses because

20 Dresses To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner Under $70 | Weekly Steals

Tis the season to overeat and be greedy. The beauty of Thanksgiving is that it’s a friendly reminder to be thankful. Another perk of the holiday is the delicious dishes you get to dive into unapologetically. The only thing about eating so much is that you may develop an instant gut (better known as a food baby) from indulging in such meals. With the understanding that there are some people whose stomach never tells how much they’ve eaten,  I’ve put together 20 dresses for your Thanksgiving dinner. 10 of them…

85 Fringe Pieces To Wear Before Fall is Over | Weekly Steals

If you don’t know that fringe is all the rage lately, allow me to bring you up to speed. This summer, fall (every season) and soon to be winter and spring trend is adding pizazz to every look. Because I easily go for the dramatics, I tend to gravitate towards pieces that are printed, embellished and/or embroidered, but a good fringe piece always

Fall Birthday Essentials Under $90 | Weekly Steals

To have a fun stress-free birthday, it is important to plan accordingly especially when celebrating on a budget. Budgets can sometimes prohibit you from making last-minute purchases as that kind of spending tends to leave a deeper hole in your pocket because there would be less time to simmer down and find something fabulous enough for your birthday that is within your budget. I love when people don’t allow their low funds to keep them from having fun and celebrating their birthday. I’ve compiled quite a bunch of items that are needed…

Weekly Steals | 38 Chic Blazers At Pocket Friendly Prices

So you’ve read my recent posts and saw different ways to slay in blazers for work and for the weekend. With the understanding that not everyone can afford some of the higher priced blazers, its only right that I bring you some chic blazers at pocket friendly prices.

Weekly Steals | 30 Dusters To Wear Into November

Tis the season for dusters. Its the time of the year where you don’t need a coat quite yet. The heavy wools and fuzzy coats can still be left in the back of the closet as just a little cover up is necessary and dusters do the trick. I love that dusters are long and a lot of them flow with the wind, bringing the necessary dramatics that most looks require. Although dusters have been all the rage during this past year, it looks like they’re here to stay as its been all over…