The Patent Leather Mesh Heel That Screams Royalty | Befitting Picks

I have honestly been in love with these shoes for quite some time now. So in love that my reaction to it’s discovery was unexpected. When I first discovered it, I held my breath. I couldn’t believe that

The Floral Lace Embroidered Overall That’s Perfect For Fall | Befitting Picks

If you didn’t know of my love for one piece apparel, now you know. The reason I tend to go for dresses and jumpsuits is because they’re easy. One and done. No need to think of much pieces of clothing to pair it with. Overalls are great for

The 2 Tone Metallic Skirt That Brightens Any Look | Befitting Picks

I’ve always had a thing for metallics. It’s actually to the point that I can wear metallics all the time without getting tired of it. When choosing jewelry, I usually go for gold but for some reason, when it comes to apparel, silver metallics attract me quite a bit more than gold metallics. I encountered this

The Cascading Trench For Any Weather | Befitting Picks

So I recently stumbled upon this unique Burberry trench coat and I instantly fell in love. Most trench coats are pretty basic as they don’t feature much details beyond the trimming so to encounter a trench coat that includes such succulent flaps in the front, creating a

Befitting Picks | The Velvet Boot You Can Wear Anywhere

Unwearable in the rain but great for sunny days, this velvet piece is one that I need! I typically don’t go for shoes with such a low heel, but when I do, just know that its worth it! I guess I’m weird because I would actually pair this with

Befitting Picks | Obsessing Over This Sequins Find!

Sometimes I wonder why I gravitate towards things that are out of the norm. Who on earth would see a shoe covered in sequins and instantly fall in love?! Me of course! Mary Janes can be a bit plain but not these! Dolce Gabbana scored