Embellished Cardigan + Blue Pants | NYFW

Light blue pants are usually saved for the Spring/Summer weather but who said you shouldn’t wear bright colors during the winter?! I am a believer of keeping things bright and I was inspired by

Black Velvet Off Shoulder | Wearing White in Rain | NYFW

Who said you can’t wear white pants in the rain?! It rained quite a bit on Sunday and despite the rain, I still decided to move forward with a look that featured a color that most dread to wear in such weather conditions. I didn’t think the rain was too heavy so it didn’t cause a problem for me, yet I must admit that I was initially apprehensive about my pants getting wet, essentially flashing my underwear to the world but I had a feeling that was not going to…

Plaid Chic at Verdad FW17 | NYFW

Verdad FW17 6

Verdad is most certainly for the elegant and chic and I would say it’s very similar to my personal style as the Verdad FW17 collection showcases mixed prints and textures while pairing cropped

Fur and Lace at Georgine FW17 | NYFW

Georgine FW17 6

For the woman who is scantily clad, enjoys rendezvous at upscale hotels and loves to be dressed in fur and lace, The Georgine FW17 collection had you in mind. Inspired by the free spirit who barely abides by any rules within her lifestyle but still loves to

Not Your Average Models at Chromat FW17 | NYFW

Going against the grain can be scary for many as we live in a world where most seek the approval of others for their actions. The Chromat FW17 show proved that staying true to yourself always wins. The average woman is not a size 2 or 4. Let’s face it. I love when

Brown Ruffled Blazer | Neutrals | NYFW FW17

I always appreciate the little details in clothing. As a little kid, ruffled items always appealed to my eyes. I didn’t fall in love with all ruffles but I still appreciated the art of the ones that didn’t pertain to my personal style. Somewhere between 10th or 11th grade, I purchased a brown ruffled blazer and decided to wear it at a conference where I represented my school in Albany, NY. Its about ten years later and the hoarder within me kept the blazer and decided to whip it out during…

Winter White | White Cape | NYFW FW17 Day 2

I got a thing for pretty insides. I love items that are even more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside. This is the reason I chose to wear this white cape simply because of the detailing it features on the inner lining. Nonetheless, this wool cape kept me much warmer than expected while viewing the Chromat runway show and Club Monaco presentation. I purchased this cape about a year ago and unlike my other pieces, I didn’t forget about it. It just takes me a while to…

Diversity and Afros At Michael Costello FW17 | NYFW

Is it too early to say Michael Costello’s FW17 collection is my favorite of this season? I know we’re only one day in and the week ahead will be filled with

Custom Crochet Jacket | NYFW Day 1

Fashion Week is here again and this time, it’s all about the women! Day 1 wasn’t as hectic as I thought it could have been. Because of the blizzard, schools were closed as well as many jobs, therefore most people didn’t even bother leaving their homes, causing the roads to be clear for a smooth ride into NYFW. For Day 1, I decided to bring light to the gloomy day with my yellow custom crochet jacket. I crocheted this piece last winter as a way to challenge myself to do sleeves…

Paris Hilton Stuns At Christian Cowan FW17 | NYFW

Christian Cowan was filled with so much edge and flare! Paris Hilton was the perfect pick for such a fun collection filled with stars and metallic overload. Paris Hilton closed the Christian Cowan collection with a mirrored metallic dress that was far beyond my expectations! It was absolutely beautiful and definitely made for a queen. Although this was his Fashion Week debut, I’m not surprised by the amazing pieces he showcased as his collections have been worn by A-List celebrities, therefore having his pieces in the spotlight is nothing new to…