Florals In The Fall

Who would have ever thought that by mid December, we wouldn’t have experienced snow already but end up luxuriating in 64 degree weather in NYC. Although I’m glad that it is warm, it’s a little scary for what it means for the environment, nonetheless, I always embrace warm weather as Spring is my favorite season. It is very important to take advantage of the few warm days that we have until winter. We have one more week till winter so lets make it count! I choose to embrace this shocking warmth of…

Knitwear and Jumpsuit

Though the weather has been exceptionally great for December thus far, as we begin to get closer to the winter season, I’m excited to incorporate more

What I Wore | Max Mara Optiprism Celebration

Hello lovely people! I attended the Optiprism launch at Max Mara a little over a week ago. In case you may be wondering why I took so long to post my look for the event, understand that my birthday just passed so I wanted to relax a little. Max Mara teamed up with artist, Maya Hayuk to produce Optiprism, one of Max Mara’s latest eyewear lines. Color lovers would absolutely love

Its Still My Birthday

And the birthday celebration continues! If it was up to me, I’d continue to celebrate throughout the month of November. A month of celebrations should suffice since birthdays only come around once a year. A birthday is


There’s something wonderful about being a year older. Even though I’m technically only a day older, it just feels great to accomplish one year and move on to the next. 10 | 29. My day. the day that God decided to officially bring me into this world. The day that

Taupe Loving

Some people stick to black and whites while others stick to bright colors. I’m a lover of both.. not equally of course. Though I may wear bright colors most of the time, I also love neutral colors. Because of my love for bright colors, some may wonder why I would post about taupe.

Sweater Weather | Purple Sweater Dress

What I love most about sweater weather is the idea that we have officially been given permission to switch things up a bit. Many have been expressing their excitement for the fall. It may be due to the fall representing the transitional period between summer and winter. During the fall, it is not too cold neither is it too hot. It’s warm enough to wear an open toe shoe, yet

Never Wait To Layer

Because I am a lover of layers, I wear layers all year round. As I have previously posted about layering in the summer, in lieu of the fall, its only right that

I Do Not Believe In Fall Colors

I refuse to limit myself to dull colors due to the change of seasons. I am a color loving individual and I wear bright colors throughout the year. The season does not dictate which color I should wear, yet I know it does for most people. Though I may not believe in fall colors,