Best Dressed at Black Girls Rock 2018

Best Dresed Black Girls Rock 2018

Any opportunity that I get to shed light on how amazing black women are will never be taken for granted. Yesterday, Black Girls Rock honored black women doing remarkable things. So many beautiful people gathered at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in support of the movement. From Janet Jackson to Naomi Campbell, here are my picks for the best dressed at the 2018 Black Girls Rock!

Top 10 Best Dressed Met Gala 2018

Top 10 Best Dressed Met Gala 2018 Cover

The first Monday in May is the most important day in fashion and every year I get so excited to see what everyone is wearing to the oh-so coveted Met Gala! As celebrities like Beyonce and Gigi Hadid have millions of followers on Instagram, so many people will be able to see what they’re wearing to this event. If I went, for example, there wouldn’t be the same amount of interest. With that being said, there are sites like upleap that give people the option of growing followers, so this…