Purple Dusk | Befitting Beauty

I took a break from wearing eyeshadow a couple of years ago. It pretty much occurred subconsciously as a little break turned into becoming accustomed to not spending the extra time it takes to apply eyeshadow (especially all the hopes of the make up being properly blended). I became lazy. A blank eye was easy, simple and perfectly matches any lip color. Applying eyeshadow creates the challenge of

Keep It Peachy | Spring Neutral Make Up

The beginning of spring ignited a love for peach within the fashion and beauty industry as it’s been all the rage lately. I love all bright colors and any other color that brings out my skin tone and peach just happens to be one of them. While getting dressed for this day, I decided to

Tried The Kala Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick

I’m always trying new make up so I figured I might as well begin documenting it! Because I’m a lippie, I had to try the Kala Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick! I was drawn by the

My Current Favorite Lipsticks

I’ve always been in love with lipsticks! I love it so much that even when I went through a phase of not wearing bronzer, highlighter and all the other stuff that I’m back to wearing now, I still wore lipstick! Lipstick is my